[QB] TunerJob


  • The Air suspension will only work if buyers have the item "airsuspension" which can only be given by mechanics. After using the item, open a menu with 4 levels of suspension height. When using the level, the script makes the air suspension sound.
  • Coilovers will only be installed by mechanics. They can do much the same as the AirSuspension, but it's the mechanics who adjust the height from the outside of the vehicle.
License Plates:
  • The license plates will be sold by the mechanics, the player can use the item as many times as they want to change the style/color of the car's license plate.
  • The neons will have to be installed by the mechanics and after the installation the mechanics can give a control for the players to be able to activate/deactivate them and the color will also change.
  • Nitro can only be crafted through mechanics craft. The nitro is made differently, once it reaches the end it will give the player an empty nitro bottle, this bottle can be refilled in the workshop.
  • Mechanics will have access to an in-game store, the store is limited with stock so there are not always all parts available. Well, most of them have to be crafted. :)
  • The tunerchip is almost the same as the original, we just disable the stance, lights color and neon functions to be able to use our menus. We gave the design a touch to make it more attractive.
  • The turbo can only be crafted by mechanics. When using the item near the vehicle, a mini-game will appear.
  • The glass films, only mechanics can place, when used near a vehicle a mini-game will appear.
Xenon Headlights
  • The xenon headlights can only be installed by mechanics, and after installing they can give a controller to the player to change the color whenever he wants. (By default you need to craft them)
  • The wraps are like a normal painting. Just buy one from the store and use it near the vehicle, a mini-game will appear to place it.
  • Well, all parts available in craft and shop can be used near the vehicle, if you want to be lazy just use qb-customs to modify the car. The script is made this way to provide a better roleplay and not be done through menus.
  • They will be able to issue insurance, with the person's name, vehicle registration number and model. When issuing the script it will grant an item with all this information.
Security System
  • The script provides 4 cameras in the workshop that are visible through an item.
Last modified 9mo ago