[QB] Investigation

This script was developed exclusively for the RFC_Mapping map. All targets places can be edited by you for another building if you wish.


  • Personal & General Stash.
  • Personal & General Evidence.
  • Garage with unlimited vehicles.
  • General armory with unlimited items & weapons.
  • Computer menu to search for civilians by citizenID.
  • Computer menu to search vehicles by plate.
  • Option on qb-radialmenu to open: evicende system, stash system and computer menu.
  • Three active cameras directly to the cells.
  • Elevators to the three floors.
  • Small shop with some food.
  • Small pharmacy with some bandages.
  • Webhooks.
  • GSR System.
  • All vehicles that are taken out of the garage go with items defined in the glove compartment.
  • Vehicle repair station.
  • The script supports: qb-phone / gksphone / qs-smartphone​
Last modified 9mo ago