[QB] Farming


  • Optimized
  • 0.01ms
  • Level System
  • Various animations and interactions
  • Anti-trigger protection.
  • Webhooks
  • All costumizable
  • 7 Farms ( Barley, Cornstalk, Hops, Tobacco , Apple, Milk and Ham )
  • Possibility to make cigarettes with tobacco
  • Cigarettes will relieve stress
  • Some NPCs random on farms to generate rp


  • A farming script with 4 harvest options, Barley, Hops, Cornstalk and Tobacco. Harvests are done through a hoe, and this can be improved by levels to have better rewards. After the harvests, they will have to pack the items in order to sell them.

Level System

  • There are 5 hoes available, from level 1 to level 5, when they start working, they receive a level 1 hoes but, after gathering some farms, they can evolve to the level 2 hoes that will give more items.
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