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Language = {
-- Progressbars
acceptJob = "Obtaining the job...",
placingToolbox = "Placing the toolbox...",
savingToolbox = "Saving the toolbox...",
obtaingScrewdriver = "Taking the screwdriver...",
removingHood = "Removing the hood...",
removingRightFDoor = "Removing the door...",
removingLeftFDoor = "Removing the door...",
removingTrunk = "Removing the trunk...",
removingTyre = "Removing the tyre...",
removingAllCar = "Dismanting all car...",
tradingHood = "Trading the hood...",
tradingDoor = "Trading the door...",
tradingTrunk = "Trading the trunk...",
tradingTyre = "Trading the tyre...",
searching = "Searching...",
tryingBreakDoor = "Trying to break the door...",
breakingDoor = "Breaking the door...",
-- Notifys
screwdriver = "You already have one screwdriver with you.",
canceled = "Canceled.",
hoodRemoved = "Hood removed successeful!",
doorRemoved = "Door removed successeful!",
trunkRemoved = "Trunk removed successeful!",
tyreRemoved = "Tyre removed successeful!",
carDismanteled = "The car was successfully dismantled!",
wrongTyre = "That tire has already been taken off.",
tradeHood = "Successeful trade the hood!",
tradeDoor = "Successeful trade the door!",
tradeTrunk = "Successeful trade trunk!",
tradeTyre = "Successeful trade tyre!",
alertPolice = "You need to be quick, the police will be alerted!",
callPolice = "Someone saw you and called the police!",
noItem = "You dont have the necessary item",
cooldown = "You can't do that now",
insideVehicleNo = "You can't do that inside the vehicle",
noHood = "You don't have any hood with you.",
noDoorL = "You don't have any passager door with you.",
noDoorR = "You don't have any driver door with you.",
noTrunk = "You don't have any trunk with you.",
noTyre = "You don't have any tyre with you.",
noIllegalSells = "Illegal sell's dont available, try later!",
dismantAll = "You need to dismantle the entire vehicle first.",
tyreAlready = "The tyre of the car has already been removed.",
trunkAlready = "The trunk of the car has already been removed.",
doorAlready = "The door of the car has already been removed.",
hoodAlready = "The hood of the car has already been removed.",
alreadySearched = "Already searched.",
noPolice = "There are not enough police online.",
-- Menus
headToolboxMenu = "[⚙️] Tool Box",
screwdriverOption = "[🪛] Screwdriver",
headScrewdriverMenu = "[🪛] Screwdriver",
dismantOption = "[⚙️] Dismant Vehicle",
infoDismantOption = "[❓] This is where you'll have access to <br>dismantle parts from a vehicle and resell them.",
dismantHeader = "[⚙️] Dismant Vehicle",
car = "Car: ",
removeHood = "Remove hood",
removeRightFDoor = "Remove passager door",
removeLeftFDoor = "Remove driver door",
removeTrunk = "Remove trunk",
removeTyre = "Remove tyre",
dismantAllCar = "Dismant all car",
traderHeader = "Trade Pieces of Car",
traderHood = "Trade hood",
traderDoor = "Trade doors",
traderTrunk = "Trade trunk",
traderTyre = "Trade tyre",
illegalHeader = "[💸] Illegal Selling",
illegalHood = "[🔹] Trade hood",
illegalRDoor = "[🔹] Trade passager door",
illegalLDoor = "[🔹] Trade driver door",
illegalTrunk = "[🔹] Trade trunk",
illegalTyre = "[🔹] Trade tyre",
closeMenu = "[❌] Close",
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