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[QB] Car Rental

  • 0.00ms
  • Optimized
  • Easy setup
  • Rent your car:
    • When you rent your car, with your modifications, the person renting it can modify the car again because, when the rental period ends, it returns to you with your initial modifications.
    • It is possible to define: Car name, Category and Price per day.
  • Notifications:
    • When the rent time ends, both players are notified.
  • Supported:
  • Notifications Supported: qb-core / okok / ox_lib / custom
  • The history listing is defined through ( Config.HistoryLimit )
  • The maximum rental days are defined through ( Config.MaxRentDays )
  • Option to vehicle fade through ( Config.VehicleFade )
  • It is possible to change the date format through ( Config.DateFormat )
  • Is it possible to change the currency through ( Config.Currency )
  • It is possible to add your own images to the cars
  • It is possible to change the avatar in the upper right corner
Last modified 5mo ago